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Course Descriptions

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, a student must earn a minimum of 270 credits in grades 9-12. (Each semester class equals 5 credits)

For the class of 2011 and beyond, these are the following graduation requirements. Note: electives are modified for classes prior to 2011).

Community Service

Students must graduate with 40 hours of community service. Community service hours must benefit the Middletown community. It is recommended students complete 10 hours per year. Community service can be divided with an official charity or non profit organization and a school related activity. School activity community service is limited to 20 hours, until 20 hours of community service outside of school have been completed. Additional hours can be accepted after the 40 hours are completed for scholarship purposes. Community Service hours can be added to students who do not complete Saturday Schools assigned for disciplinary reasons  throughout the year. Community Service must be pre-approved by counselor prior to doing the Community Service, and must be turned in by the end of the school year that the Community Service was completed or it will not be accepted.

Senior Project

Students must submit a senior project that will be completed in the Economics class.  

High School/College/Career Testing Programs

CAHSEE California High School Exit Exam

Must be passed to receive a high school Diploma

PSAT/NMSQT Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test:

Practice SAT and qualifying test for National Merit Scholarships. Test is administered in October to sophmores and juniors.