AP / Honors Summer Work Information

Several AP/Honors classes require students to complete work over the summer as a prerequisite to the course. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they complete said Summer Work before the start of school in August. Each class is different, but expect most AP/Honors classes to require the Summer Work.

Below, you can find a list of offered AP/Honors classes, the corresponding teacher, their email and the Google Classroom code. If enrolled in any of these courses, the student must be responsible in contacting the teacher for their work (most students received the work in the last weeks of the year prior):

Honors English 9 (Class Offering TBD, no summer work regardless) 

Instructor: Libby Stetson <libby.stetson@middletownusd.org>

Honors English 10

Instructor: Dawnmarie Schneider <dawnmarie.schneider@middletownusd.org>

Class Code: Z4YUXKO

Honors English 11

Instructor: Dylan McCall <dylan.mccall@middletownusd.org>

Class Code: LIE5KBW

AP Literature (12th grade)

Instructor: Dawnmarie Schneider <dawnmarie.schneider@middletownusd.org>

Class Code: LFOPW54

Honors World History (10th grade)

Instructor: Joseph Austin <joseph.austin@middletownusd.org>

Class Code:

Honors US History (11th grade, Dual Enrollment)

Instructor: Taylor Tiraterra <taylor.tiraterra@middletownusd.org>

Class Code: L3RHF7R

AP Pre-Calculus (11th grade, alternative to IM3)

Instructor: David Wellman <david.wellman@middletownusd.org>

Class Code: Z6GZLPR

AP Calculus (12th grade)

Instructor: David Wellman <david.wellman@middletownusd.org>

Class Code: U2UB24C

AP Environmental Science (11th or 12th grade)

Instructor: Katelynn Ramos <katelynn.ramos@middletownusd.org>

Class Code: MHQW6ED