Teri Langford

Phone: 707-987-1441


Attendance office hours: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Students may access the Attendance Office before school, during student brunch, lunch and after school.

If your child is going to be absent from school or you need to clear an absence, please call 707-987-1441 or email:

Students who need to leave campus during class time must be excused by a parent or guardian prior to the time the student is released.

Contact the Attendance Office the day the pass is needed or by 7:30 am by phone or email.

** Leaving campus without a pass will result in truancy.

The following information is required when leaving a voice message , please speak slow and clearly:

  • Student's Name (spell last name)

  • Your Name

  • Relationship to the student

  • Time student is to be released

  • When student will return

  • Reason


A tardy is defined as being 10 minutes or less late to class and/or school.

  • A student must check into the office for each tardy and will not be admitted to class without a timed office pass, counseling center pass or pass from a teacher.

  • A lunchtime detention will be served for every unexcused tardy.

  • Students must serve their lunchtime detention within that school week.

  • Consequences for not serving lunchtime detention include, but are not limited to: Saturday School, Suspension, Campus beautification and Activities ban.

Everyday Counts

Parents we need your help! It is so important for you and your student to make sure that you are getting to school on time. When a student is late to class, often they have missed very important information, including the learning objective of the day and the homework assignment for the night. As students enter the class late, it takes away from everyone in the room.

Suggestions for getting to school on time are:

  • Organize all backpacks and things that need to come back to school the night before and set by the front door.

  • Choose the clothing you will wear and have it ready to go the night before.

  • Have a family plan for sharing the bathroom. Perhaps some family members can bathe the night before.

  • Set a bedtime that will allow for a good night sleep and ability to wake up when the alarm goes off. No pulling the covers over your head!

  • At this age, students should have an alarm clock of their own. Parents should assist in waking up the student(s).

  • West If you drive your student(s) to school, please leave early enough to allow for possible delays. We are here at 7:15AM!

  • If your child is staying up at night, remove temptation. Young people should not have access to cell phones, TV, and computers in their bedrooms if it is interfering with falling asleep.

Thank you so much for paying attention to this important issue and helping to get your student to school on time. Remember, we are helping them to learn a valuable skill. Being late to school is like being late to work.

Students and Parents: If you are going to request a Short Term Independent

Study, for any reason, please submit your request into Alexis at least a week in advance, preferably 10 days. The request must be in writing, stating specific dates and reason, a minimum of 5 days /maximum of 15.

Email is always an option

This will allow the office sufficient time to make known your request to the teachers and have assignments ready when you leave.

Thank you.

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