California College Information

Seniors and parents: Please see the following presentation for information regarding prepwork for college applications. College Information Presentation

California Community Colleges:

  • 2 year Degrees (AS or AA), AS for Transfer or AA for Transfer (to a 4-yr university), and Certificate programs

  • 114 Colleges throughout California

  • Very Affordable option with the lowest tuition

  • Offer a wide variety of degrees, vocational and tech programs

  • Students need to complete the coursework for their high school diploma

  • Application Deadline is rolling, however, Spring is a good time to apply for the Fall term

California State University:

University of California:

  • 4 year Degrees (BS or BA) as well as graduate school

  • 9 Colleges throughout California

  • Many degrees, competitive campuses

  • Specific courses need to be taken in high school (A-G requirements)

  • Tests not required for Fall 2021 Applicants

  • For Fall Term Applications, window to apply opens August 1st, and can be submitted from Oct 1-Nov 30th.

  • If you are applying to a UC in the Fall, see Mrs. Galvan for information on application and personal statement webinars or click here: Webinars .

California Independent Colleges:

  • Varying degrees from Certificates in specific areas all the way up to Doctoral Degrees

  • Over 75 Colleges throughout California

  • Check with each school on requirements for applying as well as tests needed.

  • Check with each college on deadlines for applications

Check these websites for more info and to apply: