Financial Aid

Complete your Free Application For Federal Student Aid by March 2nd at FAFSA Application. FAFSA Application is open October 1st. Complete early for priority. Workshops are available. See the Counselor.

Helpful hints: Student and Parent must complete their own FSA ID application found on the FAFSA homepage. The FSA ID is required as an online signature. Then student begins filling out the FAFSA.

FAFSA is the same application for the Cal Grant. Please follow up with WebGrants for further information.

See the Scholarship page.

Reach-A-Dream Scholarships kick-off end of January. Dates for each Scholarship deadline vary- pay attention to the bulletin.

Fast Web
Data base for many scholarships.

Scholarship Scams
Be aware of scams.

*Check with the colleges you are applying to. Many colleges offer scholarships to incoming Freshman as well as continuing students.