Senior Project

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Career Projects:

  1. Provide a photo session to a client and give them pictures also

  2. Provide a photo session for a family and give them a canvas print of their family photo

  3. Entrepreneur Project (gather materials, make items, make a marketing plan, market items and sell items)

  4. Provide 3 x 45 minute guitar lessons to one student

  5. Job shadow a physical therapist and then give a presentation about the job shadow

  6. Job shadow a nurse and then give a presentation about the job shadow

  7. Build a rock wall (landscaping and design project)

  8. Create a series of cartoons (future artist)

  9. Write a one-act play

  10. Replace memorial plaques around the H.S. campus

Community Projects:

  1. Autism awareness campaign in Middletown

  2. Fix the shot put area at MHS

  3. Build a desk for Tina, the librarian at MHS

  4. Put on a running race to encourage our community to be active and healthy

  5. Create an academic support group for the Class of 2021

  6. Pie of the Month Club (donate one pie a month for three months to someone in need)

  7. Build a bookshelf for CVE

  8. Act as a "stage manager" and help Mrs. Jessen run the MMS play

  9. Build or buy some type of record board for the track team

  10. Put on a solo concert somewhere or work with other musicians to record a virtual concert for the Class of 2021 or some other group

  11. Host a soccer camp or give soccer lessons for free

  12. Culinary Project to help feed elders