Online Learning for School Closure

Google Classroom

1) Log in to your school email account (preferred), which has been opened for off-campus access,( password = lunch ID number. If you choose, you can useyour personal email, just identify who you are.
2) If using your smartphone, download the Google Classroom app. If on a PC or laptop, set up your Google

Classroom account.

3) Join your classes by adding the proper classroom code. The codes were emailed to your school emailaccount. They can also be found on our school website at
4) Google Classroom work will be submitted online via the Google Classroom dropbox.
5) If you have questions please email your teachers, they will respond.

Mr. Austin

Economics: re6jqrr

World History: iadbtad

Mr. Baker

American Government: pm4bqjy

Math 1A 9th: 2fiskxs

Math 1B 10th: mlxvyir

Mr. Breiner

Fire Science:

1A- kgjlq5s

3A- ds5l5bf

1B- tqpvy65

3B- i3soqzn

4- ntiyjgx

Ms. Devine

Ap English 12 Literature and Composition (period 2A) is.........gn4drvu

Honors English 11 (period 2B) is..........6srpmcq

English 11 (periods 1A, 1B, 4th, and 5th) is........5x7gg24

Mr. Espinoza

Spanish 1 & 2 please use your APEX Learning Program

available by email :

If your forgot your password or need additional assistance.

Mr. Gunion

Int Math 1: qcxj6yw

Int Math 2: jtdnhs5

Int Math 3: sysq2bf

Consumer Math: qlnstp2

Mr. Hart

PE 9: znxpekm

Indoor/outdoor sport: 4zctfmw

weights: x7qldug

Mr. Hillman

English Resource: yaalg52

World History Resource: jxfwltn

Mr. Hoage

English 12--2A, 3A, 2B

Code: c3p3ve5

Mock Trial 5th

Code: dopqtj3

Film Appreciation 4th

Code: zbsutfe

Mrs. Hoogendoorn

PE 9: 47ze4ow

Indoor Sports/General Fitness: imqgwvj

Mr. Jekel

Art 1: z2s2dac

Art 2: eq6wnah

Mrs. Jekel

Band: aoxrq1

Mrs. Jones

Introduction to Viticulture: dw4n7ru

Viticulture Management: Si4oure

Floral: pnk72eh

Horticulture: txqwxa4

Get Focused, Stay Focused: 3ponho7

Work Experience google classroom code: 32vwmhv

Mrs. Kelly

Physics: dfj3gat

Anatomy & Physiology: opbpcdh

Chemistry: vmiucgy

Intro to Engineering: 6agr5s4

Mrs. Kucer

*Packets Only*

Mrs. Macedo

APES: zbd4dly

Bio 1A: t345kjp

Bio 3A: gxkzvdw

Bio 3B: rs7ft3k

Earth Sci P4: u75a3vt

Earth sci P5: op272mj

Mr. Marasca

Honors: zydhr4a

English 10: clt573f

Yearbook: dofha7q

Miss. McCartney

AP CALC: igswr4

Math 1: 7t2m2vm

Period 1B - Math 2: jb5ulfu

Period 4- Math 2: u2qigvf

Period 1A - Math 3: x7uhvxe

Period 2A - Math 3: aykznp2

Mrs. Pachie

Ag Science 4th AND 5th periods: vwljhpb

Landscape Design: rpgekew

Ag Biology 3A AND 3B: fjfql4k

Vet Science: fpz3jnb

Mrs. Pyzer

Intro to Comp: sasqwz5

Bus. Computers: 4ij4zhc

IT Essentials: zr5spoj

Accounting: iqdhgak

Office Skills: ntx6m25

Keyboarding: vm5musx

Digital Arts: 4s62vrn

Business Law: 3igac7k

Mrs. Radford

Choir: bikj7kb

Set Design: u3sbzyn

Drama 4th period: wkemdee

Advanced Theatre 4th period: egpyffo

Drama 5th period: dy25rp4

Advanced Theatre 5th: 4d4tmrr

Mr. Renninger

* Please use the codes under Mrs. Pyzer's name *

Mr. Russell

Medical Terminology

2A - cwmsl6b

3A - 4c5ds4s

3B - ea672a5

Health Science

1A - 332rymp

1B - r3ywyso

2B - zzqj5yl

Ms. Sandoval

Spanish III- 3B--- nanttut

Spanish III1B--- amxcmnq

AP Spanish -1A----3nejvxk

Spanish II- 3A---- ymgdywd

Spanish II-4th---- ekm3n33

Spanish II- 5th----emwihft

Mrs. Stetson

English 9 Period 1A: code is: mfm5w7o

English 9 Period 3A: code is: oaefpui

English 9 Period 1B: code is: uz5ogfj

English 9 Period 3B: code is: 724m45b

Journalism Period 5: code is: ib5hrol

ELD Period 4(MHS) & 6 (MMS):

code is: sviibtg

Mr. Tiraterra

Civics: 1A-


U.S. History: 2A-




Add Codes: 1A- gbpeeys; 2A- 6llzfp2; 3A- vtdyxd7; 1B- kzcckxt; 2B- aoje4mc; 3B- vja2fau

Mr. Wellman

Integrated Math 1 Per. 2A : 3sj36uc

Integrated Math 1 Per. 2B : 5e3j4of

Integrated Math 1A Per. 3A : e7dtqno

Integrated Math 1B Per. 3B : 4mqxzh2

Integrated Math 1B Per. 4 : dlitqz3

Video Game Programming Per. 5 : n5qmt37