Dress Code

An important goal of a dress code is to teach young people that in the larger arena of life, different

types of dress are appropriate for different settings. Students are expected to remain in code while on

campus and when attending all Middletown High School events.

The following norms govern Mustang student dress and personal appearance and are prohibited:

✓ Excessively torn/ripped clothing.

✓ Frayed, unhemmed or cutoff garments.

✓ Offensive language or symbols

✓ Drugs or alcohol

✓ Inappropriate patches, drawings and writings

✓ Anything deemed by administration as gang related

✓ Pajamas (outside of spirit day)

✓ Shorts shorter than thumb tip length

✓ Sagging pants

✓ Shirts/Blouses that reveal:

● Midriffs

● Sides

● Bra

● Cleavage

✓ Tube Tops

✓ Halter tops

✓ Dresses and skirts (and their slits) shorter than thumb tiplength

✓ Soft slippers without a sole or any heels over 2”

Anything student that is wearing an item deemed as unsafe or a distraction by school administration.

Piercings or jewelry related to piercing:

✓ Cannot be dangerous as determined by MHS administration

May not be worn in any building on campus:

✓ Caps, Hats, or Head coverings

✓ Sunglasses

Only MHS bandannas are allowed on campus.

Middletown High School reserves the right to prohibit students from wearing gang related paraphernalia including clothing colors, jewelry, bandannas, belts, shoelaces, and other accessories

due to any concerns of gang relationship.

Parents and guardians who send their students to Middletown High accept the judgment of the Administration as final in matters of school policies and procedures, including dress code.